emilia wharfe . artist 

Emilia— a storyteller, artist, and explorer of the in-between. 
Her practice involves collaborative storytelling with clients and viewers, uncovering the beauty within liminal spaces, where stories breathe and ideas intertwine to speak their own visual language.

offers  ;  illustration, book design, animation, story-boarding, poetry, ideas generation, artistic & digital education

previous clients    ;    rachel fuller, universal, eel pie records, white fox publication, eel suitcase, atlantic press, fff productions, vero, falmouth cringe, cornwall council, death to men working at heights, alex marsh, vivian goodwin, spoken word, survivor zine, art school media, falmouth art gallery, 


THE BEE Project 
  • Creator Rachel Townshend Fuller, 
  • Bee; Projections for the Royal Opera House
  • February & June 2024 Royal Opera House, London
  • Producer: Nathalie Harrison
  • current
  • Role: Art Direction, Illustrator, Animator

illustration & animations . dress rehearsal for lights . Royal Opera House
light technician . Joseph Capes 
illustration & animations . Royal Opera House
dancer . dancer . Liam Riddick
illustration & animation . forest scene 1/7
illustration & animation . kitchen scene 1/7